Инна Михайлова: Для Стаса Михайлова я стала музой, а не обузой
Здравствуйте, мои дорогие! Все уже успели заметить, что я очень похудела, и меня просто забросали вопросами о том, как мне это удалось...
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Видео Evanescence – Breathe No More

Отправлено 26 марта 2014 автором admin в категорию Клипы Evanescence


Breathe No More

I’ve been looking in the mirror for so long.
That I’ve come to believe my soul’s on the other side.
All the little pieces falling, shatter.
Shards of me,
Too sharp to put back together.
Too small to matter,
But big enough to cut me into so many little pieces.
If I try to touch her,
And I bleed,
I bleed,
And I breathe,
I breathe no more.

Take a breath and I try to draw from my spirit’s well.
Yet again you refuse to drink like a stubborn child.
Lie to me,
Convince me that I’ve been sick forever.
And all of this,
Will make sense when I get better.
But I know the difference,
Between myself and my reflection.
I just can’t help but to wonder,
Which of us do you love.

So I bleed,
I bleed,
And I breathe,
I breathe no…
I bleed,
And I breathe,
I breathe,
I breathe no more.

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